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 Why we love what we do


It all began 25+ years ago!  I started hosting horse shows and it just grew into a business!

I not only supply show office supplies all over the nation; supporting horse shows hosted by clubs, fairs, national associations & disciplines to include reining, barrel racing, pleasure and equitation.  I also work 18 shows a year!  I am a seasoned show secretary and show manager for AQHA, APHA, WSH/USEF & Open Shows!

My constant buddy, Dually goes with me to all of the shows, sleeps under my desk and is quiet as a mouse.  Most exhibitors and judges don't even know he is there!  He is the best "go dog" ever!

Let me know if you have that special "tool" that you find indispensable to your office!  I'm always curious as to what other secretaries and managers do!

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